Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Crochet Scarf of the Month

Happy 2009!!! I hope you all have a blessed New Year. I'm starting this year off with a crochet project. Every month I'm going to make a scarf. Some I will keep or use for gifts and some will be donated to charity. If you love to crochet then join me for this fun project.

The January project is is called Easy Lacy Shells and can be found here. It's a very pretty skinny scarf. The designer of this pattern is Sandi Marshall and she has some wonderful patterns whether you are a beginner or an experienced fiber artist.

I'm making mine from some yarn I have in my stash that is a mixture of earthy colors. I'll be posting my photo soon. Send me your photo and I'll post it here on my blog. Happy crocheting!


I finished my skinny scarf! (Modeled by my DD) It worked up really fast. I'm thinking of making another one since this one was (pardon the pun) scarfed up by my sister. hee hee

I think my next one will be another version of the Easy Lacy Shells listed above called, Easy Lacy Double Shells .

Now...where's my hook.
I finished my second scarf . This one is called Easy Lacy Double Shells which is basically the same as the first skinny scarf but doubled.
I've already picked out the scarf for February. Check back on the 1st for the new pattern.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Magnum Steno

I haven't posted much this week because I've been so busy. I've been studying my theory mostly. My goal is to type 50 pages a day of practice drills. Magnum Steno a.k.a. Steno Master is the theory I'm working on. I just need to build some speed to get through lesson 9.

After I reach my goal for the day I mess around a bit by listening to the radio and picking out any words or sentences I know.

Sometimes figure out some new words on my own based on what I know of the alphabet and vowel sounds.

Can you guess what this says?

It says: Kim's book reviews and more

It's a whole new and different language. I have to admit that I love learning to write steno. I love my lightspeed writer and I truly enjoy learning this craft.

I hope to begin lesson 10 soon.

If anyone would like their blog title or their name turned into steno just leave a comment and I'll make it for you. ;D