Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stenomaster/Magnum Steno Update

To answer a few emails at the same time here is an update on my studies. I finished learning my theory in August. What a thrill. I'm working on building my speed now.

I've gotten as high as 120 so far. When I go back down in speed the lower speeds seem so easy now. :D

I study at the library several times per week or more if I can get away. My best study times are at the library and also early in the morning while the house is still quiet, the dog isn't begging for treats (yet) and the coffee is brewing. Love that first cup! It's the best.

I use my CD drills from They are so good. I recommend you check out their website. You can try out some lessons for free. That is what sold me. And they are not expensive.

I review, review, review my theory. When I get tired of all of this I put on some music (slow music) and try to keep up while transcribing it. I started out with some slow tunes by Pasty Cline and now I'm using Beatles music, some Wille Nelson, Queen, James Taylor, just a nice mix to keep me interested and wanting to practice some more.

I hope to some day soon be good enough to sign up for the lessons at Mark Kislingbury's
Please stop by there if you get a chance. Mark is the man.

Thanks to everyone who writes to me about this wonderful and fun craft. I love it. Keep those letters coming as I love to hear from everyone as it keeps me motivated.