Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My butterfly Award

Thank you to Kelly at Enroute To Life for this awesome blog award! I'm so excited to receive such an honor. :D:D:D

Please visit Kelly's blog. It rocks and is lots of fun.


Lindsey said...

Thank you! :-) So nice, and now I need to know if you meant to enter the contest for the book when you left that comment! lol

Love your blog, too - gonna go explore it more now!

Cloud 9 said...

I only meant to award you. :D:D:D

bigguysmama said...

thank you so much for nominating me! what a fun blessing. i'm posting mine now, but having problems with the logo. i'll keep trying. enjoyed reading your reviews of the books. i'm still reading Havah by Tosca Lee.

Mimi B