Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New briefs for today, Dictionary Building

I transcribe 2 business meetings every month for a particular client. There are multiple speakers but there is one speaker in particular who constantly uses the same phrases over and over.  You know the type. There's nothing wrong with that but it's wonderful to have a brief for those phrases. Here are mine:

with that being said,  W-BS or THABS

so, with that being said,   SWABS

with regard to  TWRARDZ  (embedded T for to) or:

with regard to  TWR-RD

with regards   WR-RDZ

with regards to   TWR-RDZ

I needed a brief for the abbreviation for number for marking exhibits:


I also discovered that I didn't have a one stroke brief for Peace Corps.  Now I do:

Peace Corps  PA*EBGS

I needed a one stroke brief for Department with a capital D:

Department   TK*PLT

So, with that being said, that's all my briefs for today. 

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